about me


I’ve been interested in photography since high school.  My dad had a basement darkroom and I learned the basics of black and white developing.  He gave me one of his Nikkormat cameras and I was hooked.  I enjoyed photographing nature and its patterns.  I took a photography course during my last semester of college.  I learned more about composition, lighting and the mechanics of cameras and lenses.  I gained a better understanding of the techniques for improving a print.  After college, I put away my Nikkormat, tried various careers from scientific support, to science teaching, and finally back to laboratory management.  My dad died in 1997 at age 63.  Then my mom passed away 11 months later.  It made me step back and examine my priorities and goals in life.

I bought a camera to explore the world around me and create images that capture what I see.  Like my mom, I became an artist at 40!