I use a digital camera or flatbed scanner to capture an image.   Exposure is important, but the composition does not have to be perfect.  More is better at this point, because I can tighten up the composition through cropping later on.  After acquiring the image, I use Photoshop to refine the image.  I can experiment with various adjustments and techniques to get the image to match my mind’s eye.   I can try several versions of an image before I print it.  I can be more precise in my color and light adjustments.  Most importantly, I can use techniques that allow me to express the feeling and mood of the scene I am trying to capture.  I think my images are a combination Impressionism – with its focus on light, and Expressionism – which concentrates on emotion.  An ink jet printer is used to put the image on paper.  It is fun to experiment with various types of paper, anything from canvas to super glossy paper is available.